Thursday, January 31, 2013

Self-Introduction: Zhengzheng Zhang

     Hello, everyone! My name is Zhengzheng Zhang, and I am from China. I am a Ph.D. in Physics, and now a first-year professional M.A. student in J-School, UW-Madison. My specialization area is science communication, since I have strong interests in both physics and communication areas. In my eyes, science is interesting and beautiful, but due to the complexity of its “language”, many people may think science is obscure and inaccessible and thus are not able to fully appreciate its beauty. Thus, I hope to play a role of a “bridge” between scientists and general audiences that helps people better understand science

     Also, for me, teaching is an enjoyable thing, and I have been teaching in physics department when I was a doctoral student, and I really enjoy communicating science with students, since the process of teaching is always a mutual way that could benefit both teachers and students. Now, I am very interested in learning teaching  in mass communication, not only because I wish to become an TA in a journalism/mass communication class, but also due to a favor of learning the art of teaching for different kinds of learners.

     That is all about me, and hope we could become friends, nice meeting everyone!


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